Friday, October 22, 2010

Stand & Deliver

Today, we finished watching the second half of the movie, and I learned second teaching technique from this movie: the art of encouragement. In the movie, the way that professor gave encouragement to students is like this:

- Confirm the student's good job, 
- Comment on his/her shortage;
- Confirm his/her good work again, giving him/her a high expectation for next time.

Firstly, confirming the students' good work will give students a sense of safety, so they will not be afraid of facing instructors' comment. Secondly, hiding the comment on their shortages in the middle of the encouragement will be less hurt for a student. Lastly, telling he/she a high expectation from us will give she/he confidence, so she/he will not has fear to make mistakes again. All in all, it is a movie that will gives us a lot of ideas on teaching, and it is definitely recommend to watch again and again.

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